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Welcome batch 4: New year, new additions, new program!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

We know you were waiting for it (we were waiting too) but finally the day has come and today we open the applications for the 4th batch of our Femstory mentorship program! We couldn’t be more excited about it as we are introducing two special updates that we believe will enable a better mentorship experience for us all.

So, what are the new features of the 4th Femstory mentorship batch?

On the one hand, and after reviewing thoroughly the feedback we had from previous batches, we considered the option of extending the program one additional month, which means: a 4 months mentorship program. We believe this extension will give the opportunity to both, mentors and mentees, to spend more time exchanging knowledge, guidance and experiences, with the goal that once the program comes to an end, the relationship will be strong enough to run without our supervision. For the current batches, they can also extend to 4 months if they want!

On the other hand, and something we deeply believe in is that we want to open the batch and encourage all the amazing male mentors out there to be part of this mentorship program! YESSSS, you have read it right: WE WANT MALE MENTORS TO BE PART OF FEMSTORY!

And why is that? Many of you may ask yourself. Well, because we realized that we don’t want to make the changes without them. We believe that there are amazing men in leadership positions (as well as women, obviously) but if we involve the female leaders, why not involving male leaders too? The more experts enabling women to be part of the decision-making processes, the faster and more efficient we’ll be able to solve the obvious problem: the lack of women in leadership positions.

So with this renewed program, we are officially opening the applications to the 4th batch! We cannot wait to start it!!! The applications will be open until February 16th and we’ll start the program at the beginning of March.

Are you ready to join the Femstory revolution? Apply below, join our Femstory community and see you in our 4th batch!

Male & Female Mentors apply here

Mentees (only female) apply here

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